Premium Services

Our premium services are listed below


We offer individual or group tutoring for those who may not be familiar or confident in using technology.

PC Diagnosis

Get a full check on your Laptop or Desktop to see what isn’t running correctly. We will tell you exactly why your computer isn’t functioning the way you’d like it to.

We provide you with a full summary of what your computer needs in order to run the way you want.

Website Design

Get your business running with affordable cost-effective website design & development.

Yizotech gives your website the structure, function and feel to make sure it fully meets and represents your business idea and branding.

Other Services

Booting Problems

Has your computer or Laptop been taking long to load or isn’t starting at all?
Yizotech will tell you exactly what the issue is and will get your computer or laptop working booting the way you want.

Pricing depends on the issue.

Computer Clean

Is your computer or laptop very loud whilst it is running?
Over time, dust build-up inside your computer or laptop could block fan vents which can cause overheating and a loud computer. This decreases the life span for your computers components.

Password or Data Recovery

Have you lost important data which you need to recover or need to save important files from a computer or laptop which is broken? Yizotech will recover your data as long as it hasn’t been overwritten.

Virus Removals

Viruses can make your computer or laptop slow, be a threat to your data and corrupt your data. Yizotech will remove all viruses and provide you with advice on how to prevent future attacks on your computer.

Be Cyber-aware.

Password Recovery

Have you forgotten your password to the computer or laptop? Yizotech will reset the password for you.

Windows Installation

Yizotech will upgrade your windows to the latest version because you are having issues with the latest updates or completely reinstall windows if your computer is running slow and needs a total reset. We ensure all data will not be lost. 

Hardware Upgrades

If you are wanting custom parts to be upgraded and want the best computer possible to meet your exact specification and needs, Yizotech will do this for you. We will also install any software required.

Laptop Screen Replacements (Coming Soon)

Coming Soon

Wi-Fi Issues (Coming Soon)

Coming Soon